Chapter Fourteen – Going Home

It had been six weeks since David and Nate returned from the cabin in Virginia, a month and a half that had proven to be a sore trial for both of them. First and foremost, the pain of being apart was a constant ache in their hearts. They both longed to return to the serenity and beauty of the Virginian mountains where they had shared such happiness, but the demands of their jobs kept them much too busy to travel, at least for the time being. Added to the unhappiness of being separated were the challenges of bringing their plans of finally living together to fruition. They had hoped for smooth sailing and very few complications. They were, of course, disappointed.

David’s talk with Rachel and the girls had been the one standout moment. Rachel was genuinely happy for him, and his daughters had damn near leapt for joy when he told them that he and Nate were a couple. It was clear that Nate had completely stolen their hearts during his brief encounter with them, and in fact David strongly suspected that he would have been faced with severe criticism had he returned to Charlottesville without Nate at his side.

The dean, his old friend Arthur Billingsley, had also been casually accepting of David’s revelation that he was now part of a gay relationship. “I always rather suspected you’d go that way,” he said with a shrug, leaving David feeling stunned and inclined to wonder how many others in his life had recognized this intimate detail of his psyche.

He knew that Arthur would keep David’s private information to himself, but he was also a realist when it came to how the university operated. News about his new relationship would get around one way or the other as such things always did, particularly since he intended to be a strong advocate for Nate’s associate professor position. He was relatively indifferent to their opinions either for or against his relationship, but he also couldn’t ignore those opinions completely because using his influence to add Nate to the university’s faculty was presenting more daunting roadblocks than he had anticipated.

The opening salvo came from Professor Reuben Fox, head of the Film and Media Studies department, the area to which Nate would be assigned if hired. Though he and David had worked closely together on several exhibits for the ‘Charlottesville Museum of History’, he had taken an oddly arbitrary position when it came to accepting Nate as an associate. David had given Nate a glowing recommendation, which Professor Fox had chosen to ignore. Frustrated, David made further inquiries, and learned that more conservative elements of the university’s faculty were determined to use university politics, an area in which David not only did not excel, but had little experience, to block Nate’s appointment.

He immediately suspected that the battle lines were being drawn between those who accepted homosexual relationships and those who did not, and his suspicions were confirmed almost immediately. Rumors reached his ears through those who supported his cause that a group of the more self-righteous and homophobic members of the faculty were actively campaigning against Nate’s entrance into their company, headed by Professor Fox.

Furious, David stormed into Arthur’s office, and demanded that Nate’s exemplary qualifications be considered above any other consideration. “The position’s open, Arthur,” David said shortly, pointing to the application paper he had retrieved from human resources. “If you allow them to discriminate against Nate because of his sexual orientation, he’ll have grounds to sue! His interview with you went splendidly–you said so yourself. Nate is totally qualified and his scholastic record is top-notch!”

“David, I know!” Arthur said, pointing to a chair next to his desk. “Sit down and let’s talk about it.”

“It’s that fucking Ruben Fox!” David said furiously. “Homophobic jerk.”

Arthur laughed shortly and nodded in agreement. “That he is. But, Dave, in order to help Nate you have to be a diplomat, not an avenging angel. You have to negotiate this thing carefully. Getting angry won’t help him get his appointment.”

David drew in a deep breath. “I know,” he said more calmly, “and I’m sorry I barked at you, Arthur. But Nate will have grounds to sue if they keep this up. And,” he added grimly, “I’ll do everything I can to convince him to do just that, up to and including informing the press!”

“Can we work on this a little bit before we start dragging in lawyers and reporters? You know I’m on your side. We can get around Ruben. Hell, no one likes the sorry son-of-a-bitch, not even his wife.”

“Can you blame her? He’s as mean as a snake! And I’m grateful for your support, Arthur, but as far as working on it a little bit, we’re running out of time!”

Arthur promised to have a talk with Reuben Fox, then leaving him to ponder the consequences of both lawsuits and press coverage of Nate’s case, David walked from the office.

He’d always been a quiet and unassuming professor. He’d climbed the ladder slowly. Through the years he had become a much-loved figure among both his fellow professors and his students. He had also, over the course of his twelve years at the college, done many favors for his fellow faculty members, favors that had never been returned.

Quietly, taking Arthur’s advice to be as diplomatic as possible, he began to call in those favors one by one. His own reputation as a man of integrity proved to be a deciding factor for most of them, and little by little he won them over. He was gratified by these successes, but his happiness was short-lived. Arthur called him into his office in early July and informed him of his opposition’s latest strategy.

“They’re going to take it public, David,” he sighed, clearly troubled by the prospect. “At least they want it debated by the university board.”

“Let them!” David said firmly. “I’ll welcome the chance to speak to the board on Nate’s behalf.

“Well, that’s certainly the last thing they’d expect,” Arthur said with a small smile.

They think I’ll back down, he thought stubbornly. They think I’m too afraid of damaging my reputation at the university to fight them at the board meeting.

He hadn’t told Nate any of this. During their daily conversations he assured Nate that all was proceeding normally and that his position would be granted before the end of summer. He only hoped and prayed that he was right. He had a twinge of guilt now and then about not being more honest with Nate about his battle with the more bigoted members of the university’s faculty, but shook it off with a quick sigh. It was almost two months before term began. He still had time to bring it all together.


In Los Angeles, Nate was having issues of his own because while David battled to win Nate’s position at the university, Nate was frantically trying to finish off every project still on his plate before the summer ended. Frazzled and nearly exhausted, he was putting in twelve and eighteen-hour days while still trying set aside time to talk with David.

Lance tried to help, but he had his own assignments to complete. Executive producers answered to studio management who were quick to demand that schedules be maintained and films be completed on time. Any producer who wanted to keep his job and receive choice projects in the future had to meet these requirements and Nate knew it, so he struggled to keep Lance as uninvolved as possible

At the same time, he was packing his belongings and either selling or giving away any possessions he wasn’t taking to Virginia. The time spent with David at the cabin became a dream of happiness that drifted on the far edge of his consciousness. Reality was a lot less peaceful and a lot more exasperating, and Nate was slowly becoming less and less able to cope with the constant demands on his time and energy.

“Christ, David,” he groaned one evening as they Skyped on the computer. “I’m ready to just fucking quit and walk away.”

“Do it!” David encouraged. “Lance won’t care, you know he won’t. You’re making yourself crazy with this stuff.”

Nate shook his head, looking at the face he loved, seeing the concern etched onto his expression. “I can’t, baby. I can’t leave Lance holding the bag that way. It would damage his reputation. It could keep him from getting other jobs.”

David scowled and shook his head. “Dammit!” he muttered in frustration, then sighed and forced a smile. “I’m sorry, Nate. I shouldn’t pressure you. You’re already pressured enough. And I love you for being the loyal, concerned friend you are to Lance.”

“No apology necessary,” Nate assured him. “I’m grateful for your concern, babe. And I won’t let it go on much longer. Hang in there with me.”

David agreed that he would, of course, and when their chat finally ended he arose more determined than ever to insist that the faculty holdouts confirm Nate’s appointment. He knew the associate professor’s position wasn’t the only choice possible. If that didn’t work out, Nate could easily get a job teaching at one of the many community colleges in the area or even in a local high school. Arthur had assured him that he would personally intervene to secure the best position he could for Nate outside of their own institution. But even though David was grateful for his support, he wasn’t yet ready to surrender his goal of having Nate join him as a member of the University of Virginia faculty.

He’d never before engaged in this kind of public debate, particularly one that involved an issue as private as his sexual orientation. Revealing intimate information to people who were virtually strangers to him went against his very nature.

“They’re waiting for you to wave a white flag, “Arthur informed him over dinner one evening. “Reuben as much as told me so day before yesterday.”

“That bastard!” David said angrily, but still forced a laugh. “You know what, Arthur?  A year ago– hell, six months ago–he might have been right. But the past year has changed me.” He thought about the cabin and his father’s journal. He shook his head and spoke thoughtfully: “A lot of things have changed me.”

“Well, that’ll be bad news for Reuben and his cronies,” Arthur said, throwing down his napkin.

“You’d better tell them, Arthur,” David said, leaning toward his old friend, “that I plan to consult a lawyer next week and I’m already in contact with a reporter from the Post and Courier and they will be with me at the board meeting.”

“Now, David, take it easy.”

“There’s no time left to take it easy. The new term will be starting shortly. They don’t have to defeat me, Arthur, all they have to do is delay me. I promised Nate that he’d get this job. His credentials are impeccable. He’ll make a great educator.  I refuse to be forced into a position where I have to face Nate and tell him that I let him down.”

“I don’t want that either,” Arthur assured him. “I know Nate’s qualifications and I want to help you fight for him, but David, I also have to think about this school and its reputation.”

David nodded understandingly. “Arthur, no one loves this university more than I do. I don’t want to see it hurt. But this kind of injustice has to reach beyond personal loyalties. Nate deserves this position and I’m not going to see him denied because of a bunch of redneck bigots. I’m sorry, old friend, but no matter what it costs, I’m not going to let it happen.”

David was no alpha male and he knew it, but he was fighting for Nate and that raised his courage to heights that he wouldn’t have believed possible. He felt sure that the faculty members opposing him were astounded at his willingness to carry this fight into whatever public arena was necessary. And this proved to be the critical factor that finally turned the tide. Convinced that his position was unyielding, and unwilling to see this battle fought in the press or in a courtroom, they began to slowly back down.

As July slowly evolved into the dog days of August, David’s preparation for the new term began to occupy more and more of his time. He spent several hours a day at his university office, touching base with students and preparing his new classes. He checked on his classroom and made sure that the books he had ordered were at the campus shop in sufficient number. But though these many preparations filled much of his day, he still managed to meet frequently with the faculty members critical to the approval of Nate’s position. Without the endorsement of these formidable professors, Nate’s appointment could be in jeopardy. Happily, most of them were completely supportive once David had presented Nate’s qualifications. The barriers were slowly falling.

He had booked his flight to Los Angeles and was leaving in two short weeks. He desperately wanted to be able to tell Nate upon arriving that his position as an associate professor had been secured, but time was drawing short. The board meeting was scheduled for early next week and though David had made tremendous progress he was still worried because no final decision had yet been reached. “I’ve got to push this through,” he moaned aloud, trying unsuccessfully to force his mind to focus on the more immediate task of completing final student schedules. He lifted his head in annoyance when Melinda entered and greeted her tersely: “Yes?”

“Dean Billingsley just called. He wants to see you in his office,” she said somewhat tentatively.

“Sorry, Melinda,” he apologized.  “Buzz his secretary and tell her I’ll be right up.”

He wondered, as he climbed the back stairs that led to the administrative offices, if this meeting was about Nate or about the upcoming term, and as he entered the office Arthur’s secretary waved him past her desk. “He’s expecting you,” she said.

“Hey there, Arthur,” David said in greeting, then stopped. Seated around the dean’s desk were three high-level faculty members, all of whom were fundamentally important to gaining Nate the associate professor position including his chief opponent, Professor Reuben Fox.

David sighed and steeled himself for a fight, feeling anger surge through him like a white-hot river.  Jesus!  he thought in irritation. It’s a fucking associate professor position. I’m not asking you to make him head coach of the fucking football team or anything REALLY important!

“Yes?” he said as he took the seat that Arthur indicated. “You wanted to see me?”

Arthur gave no response, but offered a sheaf of papers to David, who looked at them curiously without reading them. “These are his personnel papers, the ones he has to fill out, sign, and return to us before the beginning of term are marked.”

David leapt to his feet with a cry of elation. “Arthur!” he said, staggered by this sudden and unexpected victory. “Thank you!” He shook the Dean’s hand, then turned to the other men seated around the desk. “I’d like to thank all of you as well,” he added hoping that his tone was sufficiently gracious in spite of the fact that some of these men had bitterly opposed Nate’s appointment. He looked directly at Reuben Fox. “What about the board meeting?”

“We’ve removed the item from the agenda,” Fox replied. “But understand, David,” he added stiffly. “You forced this concession on us, so we’ll accept him. But he’s on probation for six months. He’s still got to prove himself.”

“And you understand THIS, Reuben,” David responded just as stiffly, leaning, defiantly, toward the professor. “If Nate gets a fair evaluation based solely on his work, that’s all I ask. But I will be watching and the evaluation had better pass muster.”

He felt Arthur’s restraining hand on his arm and wheeled to face him. “I mean it, Arthur. A fair evaluation.” He turned again to stare at Professor Fox. “Reuben isn’t the only one who can demand a board hearing.”

“Relax,” Arthur half-whispered. “It’ll be fair, I promise.”

David patted his arm. He nodded in understanding and gratitude and left the office clutching Nate’s papers tight in his hand. It had been a long and fatiguing summer. Never before had he fought against the university’s powerful political machine, and he was frankly astounded by the tenacity and determination with which he had dealt with their unfair resistance.

It wasn’t merely that Nate was worth fighting for, though that was unquestionably a strong part of his motivation. It was also that David was discovering reserves of previously unknown strength at the core of his being that urged him to express feelings and beliefs that he would never have allowed to surface before his trip the cabin and the revelations of his father’s journal.

He felt he understood his dad at long last, and he was determined not to live his life as his father had, with his song yet unsung. Oddly, he felt an emerging desire to make his father proud of him. And he strongly sensed that this battle to gain a fair and unbiased opportunity for Nate would have done just that. He knew instinctively that his father would have approved of his public struggle on behalf of the one he loved. And he also believed with all his heart that he could not have found the strength he needed without the insight he’d gained from his father’s brokenhearted memoirs.

“Thanks, dad,” he whispered, feeling his eyes burn with tears. “Thanks.”


On the West Coast, Nate was addressing a stubborn director with grim determination and more than a little anger. “I’ll tell you exactly how it is,” he said through clenched teeth. “I have zero patience left with your bullshit attitudes. We spent a LOT of money hiring this man to be your first AD, and you will either accept his qualifications and show him the respect he deserves or we’ll fire you and give him your fucking job! Now what’s it going to be?”

After securing the director’s reluctant assurances, he left and wound his way to Lance’s offices. He nodded briefly at Lance’s secretary, pushed open the door, and collapsed into a chair. “It’s settled,” he said with a sigh. “I let him hear the branch creak under him a bit.”

Lance looked up from the papers piled on his desk and laughed. “I could have sold tickets to that conversation.”

Nate scoffed skeptically. “He’s probably had the same conversation with thirty other AP’s. You’re going to have to watch that bastard. I don’t trust him not to come in over budget just to spite you.”

Lance nodded then shrugged. “Let him try it. If he comes in one minute over schedule for the duration of this shoot, that young AD of his is going to be wearing a new hat.”

“That’s basically what I told him.”

“Yeah?” Lance said. “Well I’m not just letting him hear the branch creak. I mean it!” He surveyed Nate, leaning back in his chair. “Now let’s talk about you. Where are you in this process?”

Nate sighed. “Not nearly as far along as I want to be, Lance, and I’m sorry.”

Lance smiled. “I have a bit of a surprise for you, kid.” He tossed a paper across to Nate. “Check it out.”

Nate was staring at a signed contract taking on a new associate producer. He looked back up at Lance, his mouth open in astonishment. “Where’d you find the money?”

Lance waved dismissively. “None of your business,” he replied brusquely. “He’s young, but he has some experience.”

Nate read the paper over with interest then shook his head doubtfully. “Lance, he only has college experience and a little bit of stage work! How’s he going to handle the mess I’ll be handing to him?”

“The same way you did: by the seat of his pants until he gets his bearings. You’ve got a week to bring him up to speed.”

Nate stared at the older man, feeling tears scald his eyes. “You took his salary out of your own, didn’t you.”

“So what?” Lance said, shrugging, then leaned toward him with a wry grin. “You seem to forget that as of the end of this month we’ll no longer be paying you! So I may end up being money ahead!”

Nate left the office an hour later having worked out a schedule to transfer his duties to the newly hired AP. “My God,” he breathed. “It’s done.” He looked to the west where the sun was slowly sliding toward the horizon, scarcely able to believe that the last of his many burdens would be gone within a week. He jumped into his car and gunned the engine. Then he steered the car out of the studio lot and headed for the freeway.

Two weeks later he was driving down the thoroughfares of LAX, on his way to pick up David at the arrivals area. Typically, David had insisted that Nate wait in the cell phone lot until he was securely on the ground and outside, and Nate had just received the joyful message:

“I’m here, darlin’. Come fetch me!”

Nate spotted him at once standing with his one piece of luggage, scanning the approaching cars. David waved wildly when he saw Nate’s Nissan and he dashed quickly over to open the door and clamber into the passenger’s seat, leaning over briefly to claim a quick kiss.

“My GOD, I’m glad to see you!” Nate laughed, grabbing his neck for another, longer, kiss. “It seems like years since we were together.”

David’s smile was so big it hurt his face. He was, he felt sure, incapable of finding words that could express the elation bursting in his chest at the sight of this beautiful man who so completely filled his heart.  He tried to curb the nearly overwhelming sense of possessive pride that simply sitting by Nate’s side brought to him, but couldn’t. He’s mine, he thought with quiet joy. There was no sense of ownership in his elation, and instead, a lifetime of hopeful wishes finally fulfilled.

“Right back at you,” he replied, reaching to claim Nate’s hand. “Hey, how’s the new AP coming along?”

“He’s actually pretty good! I’m relieved. I was scared to death that I’d be leaving Lance with a half-trained novice, but the kid’s got spine! Just today I saw him flay the skin off a jackass cinematographer who was trying to wring an extra day out of us. Couldn’t have done it better myself.” He grinned at David.  “How’s your end of things going? You’ve been pretty quiet about it lately. Are there problems?”

“Let’s wait ’til we get to your place,” David said, pretending a seriousness he was far from feeling. “I’ll tell you all about it then.”

Nate shot him a nervous glance, but allowed David to turn the subject to his daughters: how excited they were about school, and how they couldn’t wait for Nate to arrive in Virginia.

They walked into Nate’s apartment, each of them privately remembering the last time they’d been here together, the awful day when David had run out, presumably for good. David sighed and looked around. “Jesus!” he exclaimed in surprise. The apartment was littered with boxes of every size, shape, and description: some open, some sealed, some empty. “You’ve been busy!”

“Sorry for the mess,” Nate said, skirting the boxes to drag David’s suitcase toward the bedroom. “The movers will be here day after tomorrow!” he called from the door. “I have to have this stuff ready to go.”

David smiled, loving the chaos that only served as a remind and an affirmation. Nate would soon be with him in Virginia. He could still scarcely believe his luck. “I am the most grateful man in the world for this mess,” he assured him as Nate returned to the cluttered living room. “Where’s your couch?”

“In Jonathan Emerald’s basement,” Nate informed him with a grin. “We decided I didn’t need to bring it, remember?”

David nodded, and cleared away a space on the dining room table. “Got any wine?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Nate sighed out slowly. “I saved one bottle for us.”

“Get it,” David told him, smiling.

When he returned with two wine-filled glasses, he saw that David had spread a number of papers out on the table. David took a glass from him and lifted it in silent tribute.

“Congratulations, Professor Reese,” he said softly. “You are now an Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Virginia.”

Nate held his glass in a trembling hand, staring first at David, then at the papers. Finally, unable to contain himself, he sat his glass down and leapt into David’s arms, barely giving him the time to set his own wineglass on the table.

“Oh my God, David,” he breathed, relief and joy flooding through him in a rush. “You’d been so quiet about it lately. I thought something was wrong.”

David kissed him passionately, then feeling his pulse quicken, he kissed him again and held him close to his chest. “It’s been an interesting summer,” he muttered against Nate’s shirt. “I’ll tell you all about it on the trip home. But it worked out. We just need to get you back there now so you can start preparing for the new term. And,” he added with a dry chuckle, “I also have to bring you up to speed on your new boss.”

“Tomorrow’s my last day,” Nate told him. “We have dinner with Lance tomorrow night and the next day we’re off to Virginia. The movers have a key and all the instructions necessary.”

“Let’s sort through these,” David said, releasing him reluctantly. “There are a couple forms here that you need to sign tonight and fax tomorrow. The rest can wait.”

They arranged the papers and Nate quickly signed the ones David indicated. “By the way,” David added as he shoved the rest of Nate’s papers back into his briefcase, “have you told your parents about all this?”

“I have. They’re happy for me, even my dad, which rather surprised me. Usually he ignores the fact that I’m gay like it’s a wart on my nose. I had to promise we’d visit them soon though,” he added, looking apologetically at David.

David laughed. “Fathers can surprise you at times.” They exchanged a smile and a knowing look. “And I’d love to visit your parents, in fact I’m dying to meet them.”  He reached out and caressed Nate’s hair. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll impress the living hell out of them. I promise.”

“I don’t doubt it for a minute,” Nate assured him. He folded the papers to be faxed and slid them neatly into his jacket pocket. When he lifted his head he saw David staring intently at him, his hazel eyes emerald green with desire, and he smiled. “I know that look, Teach. I’ve seen it before.”

“I hope you’ll be seeing it for as long as you live,” David murmured, holding out his hand. Nate took it with eager anticipation and they walked together into the bedroom.

Their lovemaking that night was beyond anything David had ever known, even with Nate. He was reminded of an altar, and for a moment the thought of Nate as a naked offering flashed through his mind. His hands skated over his lover’s body, moving slowly, fingertips barely touching his beautiful, smooth skin. Nate’s cries were an aphrodisiac and David added the touch of his lips and tongue to the gentle movement of his hands ghosting over Nate’s skin.

He kissed Nate’s nipples while his fingertips caressed every other part of Nate’s body that he could reach. He closed his eyes and lost himself to everything except the feeling of Nate’s body. Its porcelain beauty was echoed in its smooth, satiny feel. David leaned over him, his lips moved slowly down Nate’s chest. The skin under his tongue was honeyed cream. Still beautiful. Still silken smooth. He slid lower in their bed, wetting Nate’s nipples, then nibbling them until he felt his lover’s back arch and heard him groan in anguished pleasure.

He could hear his own breathing becoming labored as his tongue slowly moved lower. He wove a zig-zag path across Nate’s taut belly, then stopped to lick the dark skin of his tattoo. He was dimly aware of Nate’s whimpers above him. “Love you,” he whispered against the quivering flesh beneath his lips. “God, I love you.”

He felt Nate’s fingers clawing at his hair. The hardness of his erection pulsed against David’s cheek. He licked across Nate’s navel, feeling desire thunder through him, setting his body on fire. His own cock was rigid. Painfully so. He pressed himself against the bed as he lay between Nate’s legs, praying he would be able to control the longing that ripped through him long enough to satisfy them both. He turned his face to lick slowly up the length of Nate’s cock… wanting with all his soul to give this man that he loved more pleasure than he’d ever experienced before.

Nate gasped and arched in a frenzy of yearning. “Ohgod,” he moaned. “David…. Davy… please….”

David captured Nate’s erection between both hands as he leaned over him. His tongue lapped sensuously. After a moment, both hands moved to gasp Nate’s hips. He felt Nate lift his hips, and as he did David allowed his throbbing hardness to glide into his mouth. Nate’s hips twitched and he cried out, but David’s hands gripped him gently holding him still. He sucked gently, almost lazily, stopping now and then to swirl his tongue around the head, then flicking rapidly, paying special attention to the split on the underside of his penis.

He heard Nate above him. His body moved wantonly. Lifting his hips upward again and again. He was gasping for breath, nearly panting. Each exhale a whimpering moan. David thought he had never heard anything as erotic as Nate’s cries of pleasure. Each one slammed him like a physical touch, taking his breath, heightening his already feverish desire.

He hunched against the bed, rubbing himself against it as his tongue and lips caressed Nate’s hard male heat. He gripped Nate’s cock, pumping it gently as his tongue beat a pattern against the sensitive head. His other hand moved to caress his thighs, grazing his testicles.

“God, Davy!” Nate cried. “I’m going to come! I can’t stop!”

“Oh yes, you can,” David groaned, releasing him gently. “Wait,” he breathed. “Baby, wait.”

He licked and kissed his way up Nate’s belly and chest, extending his hand to the nightstand to grab the small tube he had laid there earlier. Now he pressed his body against the lean, strong frame beneath him and kissed him with passionate hunger. “Want you,” he whispered shakily. “Jesus, Nate… want you so much I could scream.”

“And I want YOU,” Nate replied. “Want you NOW. Enough foreplay. Enough with the teasing.” His fingers dug into David’s broad shoulder. “Fuck me!” he ground out between clenched teeth. “Fuck me now!”

David smeared them both with the slippery lubricant, and eased himself just barely inside Nate’s body. He felt his lover tense, so he stopped, though the aching need within him was nearly unbearable.

“OK?” he gasped. “Nate? OK?”

After a moment Nate nodded. “Now,” he whispered, nodding. “Now, Davy.”

Moving slowly, David joined his body to Nate’s until he had embedding himself deeply within his body. Now his hips began to thrust in a sensuous rhythm. Buried within him, David moaned and rocked, immersing himself. Nate’s body was a hot, tight furnace that clasped him in an iron grip. He thrust deeply again and again as Nate arched to meet him in a frenzy of yearning.

David bent and their lips met in a long, drugging kiss. He reached between them and grasped Nate’s hardness. There was no need for him to move his hand, the frenzied movement of their bodies was all that was needed. He merely gripped hard, whimpering as he felt himself on the raw edge of coming… desperate with need.

Nate’s fingers suddenly gripped his shoulders. He cried out… almost a scream as David pounded their bodies together, and came with ecstatic bursts of pleasure.

David continued moving, thrusting once, twice, then a third time. He pressed himself as deeply into Nate as he could and came with an intensity that shattered him. Nearly sobbing, David felt his head spin. His whole body felt the rapture of his orgasm, as though every pore had burst with it.

“Oh my god,” he gasped. “Oh my god, Nate. Nate.” As he murmured Nate’s name, he felt his lover’s hands moving over his back, stroking him gently. David’s arms encircled him, crushing them together. “Oh baby. Jesus, that was incredible.”

Nate gave a shaky laugh. “I know. God, Davy, I know.”

David kissed his cheek, then his shoulder. “Mmmmm.. god, so sweet.. so good.”

“It’s not always this good between us, David. I mean it’s always good. But this… this was… god, this was… amazing.”

David moaned low in his throat, then slowly slid to his side, feeling a touch of sadness as he slowly withdrew from Nate’s body. “Jesus, baby, I don’t know. And I’m not sure I care. I just know that tonight you took me to heaven.”

“You look eleven years old,” Nate said, his voice warm with love. “Let’s take a shower and get some sleep.”

David smiled and turned to crawl out of bed. Their reunion had been perfection. And no matter what followed for as long as they lived, David knew he would never forget this night.

Two days later they stood beside Nate’s Nissan that was packed to overflowing with luggage, small boxes, and any other item Nate considered essential and had managed to squeeze into the vehicle’s undersized luggage area. David was frankly astonished that it had all fit into the relatively small car and smiled as he remembered the reshuffling and repacking that had finally made it possible.

Their dinner with Lance had been an event filled with both happiness and aching sorrow. David shook the producer’s hand, trying to stammer out how grateful he was for Lance’s support and help, and Nate had cried unashamedly when they finally said farewell.

“Stop it,” Lance told him gruffly, wiping away tears of his own. “I told you. I’m coming out there in October to make sure you two are alright, so stop the bawling.”  He turned to David and jabbed a finger in his direction. “If I ever hear that you’re not taking good care of him…” He left the sentence unfinished.

“You won’t,” David assured him, taking Nate’s hand in his. “I promise, Lance. You won’t.”

Now it was time to leave. They climbed into Nate’s car, its dashboard covered with maps, its glove compartment containing directions to all the motels where they planned to stop along the way.

Nate laughed in pure exaltation, gunned the motor, and they sped away to face their future…together.


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A.d. EllisAimee Nicole WalkerKatze SnowLily LambAuthor Ga HauserNora Phoenix, and Joe Cosentino!

Every click is an entry… another chance to win!! So click them all!!!

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